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Our Solutions:  

Innovate, Integrate, Converge



We provide a seamless combination of different technologies and tools to create a space that enables collaboration and interactivity. Integration provides a collaborative environment for participants to effectively brainstorm and share ideas enhancing creativity and decision making.


Audiotech is a leading provider of audio-visual and video conferencing systems in the corporate market. With over 15 years at the leading edge of AV technology, we have the experience to develop custom solutions that exceed your expectations.

Wide variety of applications

  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting & Board Rooms
  • Managed Conferencing Services
  • Distance Learning
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Auditoria
  • IPTV and Digital Signage
  • Maintenance & Support Services

Ground Breaking Innovation

Our international standards based audio visual solutions are designed to connect and unify organisations, their people, partners and staff, no matter where in the world they are.

We integrate stunning displays, digital signage, projection systems, audio and video conferencing systems, broadcast and control systems to create seamless communication solutions that capture and convey your messages, the way you want them to be seen and heard.



You will need the best quality audio equipment to attract and retain your customers and within our range of brands we fulfil a unique and appropriate solution tailored to your specific needs. From a small shop to a large stadium, we have a solution.

Let us entertain you

Achieving the very best sound reproduction isn’t just important to Audiotech, it’s an absolute obsession.

Audiotech’s audio systems offer big sounds from small packages. Our systems and components are capable of delivering rich music, made richer with preset equalizer settings. 

Wide variety of applications

  • Retail Market
  • Home Audio
  • Public buildings
  • Restaurants

Customer-oriented implementation

The goal is to use carefully programmed high fidelity music to break up the ambient noises in public and enhance the experience of every customer so much that they feel connected to the location and more willing than ever to come back for more.



Where background music, an announcement or emergency paging is required, Audiotech will design and build a customised PA system that will suit any shape building or space. Our many years of engineering skills and superior product range provide grounding for excellence.

Getting your message accross

The PA systems from Audiotech are public address systems allowing the targeted transfer of information to all locations where your staff members, customers or other groups of people congregate.

Background music, pages or announcements are transmitted clearly and distinctly in excellent sound and voice quality – whether in enclosed spaces or outdoors.

Wide variety of applications

  • Complex industrial systems
  • Factory halls
  • Public buildings and large events
  • Individual company areas such as administration, lab rooms, warehouse or canteen
  • Many different outdoor areas

Customer-oriented implementation

For our customers we produce detailed public address plans taking into account all the site conditions. These plans are then used to determine the technical equipment required, as well as the exact number and positioning of the loudspeakers. This is how we meet even your most challenging requirements for a professional and full-coverage public address system.

Our operational Capacity extends to these African Countries:

Senegal, Cote’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, DRC, Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mauritius, Reunion, Comoros, Madagascar and Seychelles

Our Applications:  

Innovate, Integrate, Converge


A seamless combination of different technologies to create a space that enables collaboration and interactivity, allowing businesses to communicate and prosper.


Each client is different and your long term goals may include a phased deployment of a hospitality audio visual systems.


A well designed audio and video system will compliment the message provided and improve the congregation’s experience.

Health & Fitness

The interplay of exercise and music create an increased sense of motivation, distracting the mind while increasing exercise tempo and intensity.


The atmosphere of a casino and the music which is played in a casino plays a vital role in developing the behaviour and responsiveness of visitors.

Sport Centres

“Sportainment” places high demands on sound systems in sports venues, Retaining good voice intelligibility in the presence of high ambient noise remains a crucial consideration.


Keeping a low profile, yet manifesting high fidelity, reliability, even coverage in every room and alcove. AudioTech can fill any restaurant with music that completes the feeling.


Discover and explore the immersive world of 3D entertainment in your own living room with a home theatre system from AudioTech.

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